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In our day to day life, we go through many situations that affects our mood. Some of them makes us pleasant & happy, others grumpy & sad and some others hopeless & terrified.

God has the power to change any situation, no matter how bad or hopeless it is!!

The word of God is alive and powerful!! We need to believe in the Word and start declaring it with our mouth. When we declare it, we ourselves hear it. And as Romans 10:17 says, when we hear the word more & more, our faith-meter rises!!!

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You are not a Loser!!!

Many of us have been bullied by various people during our school/college years and even after that. Being different than others or not keeping up to their expectations and sometimes even jealousy make us their favorite target. Facing our bullies is always a challenge as they would publicly harm us, call us names and humiliate…

Needs and Wants

In life, we have many needs. Need is a requirement that is essential or very important for our survival. Food, water, shelter and oxygen are the basic needs of human beings. We cannot survive without them. Most of the time we confuse our wants with our needs. Wanting something is a desire to possess something.…

How to approach a Broken Heart

All of us would have been hurt many times in our life. When we are hurt by the people whom we love, our heart breaks into tiny little pieces. Let’s say your best friend turned out to be some jerk who made horrific stories about you behind your back or your partner cheated on you…


Imagine, you were riding your bike on the road and suddenly this car comes from a side road that you did not see and is about to hit you. You just froze and closed your eyes. But the next instant when you open your eyes, you see that both you and the car passed safely…


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Our God is AWESOME.

Gods unconditional Love

SIN separates us from God. Living a life without God is unimaginable..

But do not worry!!! God has an awesome plan for us to get back from this separation…

SALVATION: If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Jesus already paid the price on our behalf… We only have to believe!!! Invite him to your heart today for life everlasting!!