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Behavior Evaluation – SCOFF

Have you heard the word “Scoff”? Do you know what it means?

Well… SCOFF means to mock / ridicule/ make fun of / to laugh at

Have you ever been scoffed at?  

How did you feel then?

Especially if it is done by your friends or your family or someone else whom you love!!!!



Now let us ask ourselves – Have we ever scoffed at anyone? Did we ever wonder how that person would have felt?


Let us find what the treasure book has to say about SCOFFING!!!


Genesis 21:8-12

To read this bible portion, please click on the video given below
Ishmael Scoffing

Ishmael was the first born of Abraham. His mother was Hagar, the maidservant of Abraham’s wife Sarah . Ishmael was about 14 years when Isaac – the promised son was born to Abraham and Sarah. Isaac was Ishmael’s half-brother.

Now Abraham threw a great party when Isaac was weaned (to get a child used to food other than its mother’s milk). Looks like Ishmael was not so happy about the whole thing.


But unfortunately for Ishmael,

Sarah – Isaac’s mother saw this and she was upset!! She had Ishmael thrown out of the house along with his mother. Abraham was not happy to do this to his son, but he had no choice and had to send them away.

What Ishmael did, was clearly NOT RIGHT. And apparently, he had to pay a price for his BAD behavior!!

Ishmael lost his ” shelter”, “good and nutritious food”, “safety”, “comfort” and every other good thing his father’s house offered him. Food, water and shelter are among the basic needs for life and he lost all this. As we read the rest of the story in Genesis 21, we see that he almost lost his life because of lack of food and water. And all this happened as a consequence of his SCOFFING!!!

Oh boy… that is indeed VERY BAD!!

Treasures uncovered

SCOFFING is WRONG behavior!!!

All wrong actions / behaviors have BAD CONSEQUENCES

Love & respect each other,
not ridicule or Scoff

The bad consequences of our wrong behavior might not always be as harsh as Ishmael’s, but yes definitely there will be bad consequences. When others mock us, let us forgive them even though it hurts. Let us learn to FORGIVE, LOVE & RESPECT each other, NOT RIDICULE.


Father thank you for making me understand that scoffing is bad behavior. Help me to love and respect others. Help me also to forgive people who hurt me and mock me. In Jesus’ name Amen!

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