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Facing Dilemma?

Life is NOT always an easy ride! There will be twists and turns, ups & downs during the course of our journey!! Sometimes it surprises us and sometimes it puts us in dilemma!!

DILEMMA is “a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives”

How do we make the right choice? What do we weigh our decision on?




Our own Intuition?

Let us open the treasure book and find out clues to uncover the treasure!!



Exodus 1:15-21

To read this bible portion please click the video given below

Egypt was a powerful kingdom during this time and Pharaoh, the king, was the MOST POWERFUL person in that kingdom!!

The Children of Jacob (Hebrews / Israelites) were also living there and were slaves to Pharaoh. But God was with them and they were multiplying in number!!  Pharaoh and his people were alarmed at the rising Hebrew population and wanted to kill all their male children.

During those times, pregnant women used to give birth at their homes with the help of midwives (nurses). So Pharaoh summoned the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah & Puah and gave them order to kill all the little boy babies at birth!!!

It was an order – a command from the king himself!!! And it is a crime to not follow the command!!! You can even be put to death!!! Pharaoh had the power to do anything to them if they disobeyed him.

On the other hand they also knew, “KILLING” babies or “MURDERING” them is a SIN in the eyes of GOD…

That was a tough call on the midwives!!!

Their Dilemma:-

Obey the king and save your life by committing a SIN!!


Disobey the king and put your life at stake rather than committing a SIN!!

How did the midwives handle this situation?

It is written – the midwives FEARED GOD.

They feared GOD more than they feared Pharaoh!!!

They knew God was the “SUPREME POWER” and has the “SUPREME AUTHORITY“. So they decided not to SIN.

However, they knew that “not obeying Pharaoh” will have consequences. Their life will be at stake.. But still they chose GOD’s way!

So what happened to the midwives? Did pharaoh kill them for not obeying him?

When Pharaoh found they did not obey him, they were summoned again. God gave them the wisdom to answer him. And Pharaoh let them go…. Just like that!!! That is definitely GOD’s doing!!!

Because the midwives feared God and did not murder the little boys, God dealt with them well and gave them families of their own!!

So by choosing God’s way, they did the right thing and were also BLESSED!!!

What will we do if we were in their shoes?

Do we fear God more than the people around us – our society, our friends?

Treasures uncovered

When faced with Dilemma,

Weigh your decisions on God’s word and not on what society marks right!!!

Doing God’s way is the RIGHT way and BEST way even if your life is at stake!!!

When we choose God’s way, he takes the responsibility… And blessings are a surety that follows!!!


Father, thank you for this revelation. Help us to weigh all our decisions on your word. Help us to always choose the right way in alignment with your will.. In Jesus name Amen!

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