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Who is your superhero?

Who doesn’t love superheroes? spider-man, superman, avengers, and the list continues…

Why do we call them superheroes?

Because they have super powers, they fight crime, they help people who are in trouble, and ultimately they save the world from evil!!!  We love them and imitate them, knowing very well that they are just imaginary characters and NOT REAL!!!

But, What if…. there is a REAL superhero with REAL superpowers who fights the REAL evil and delivers people from trouble? Shouldn’t we be looking out for such a superhero to follow?

Let us open the treasure book and see if we can find some clues!!!!


Clue:1 – John 2 : 1-9
Turned water to wine

Jesus Turned Water to Wine – John 2 : 1-9 -To read this bible portion, please click on this video

Jesus and his friends went for a wedding. There was a problem at the wedding – the host did not have enough wine and they would be humiliated, if guests finds the wine ran out… When asked by his mother, Jesus stepped in, even though it was not his concern. He asked the servants to fill water in the jars and give it to people!!! Boom… water turned to wine and the master of ceremony said, it was the best one he had!!  

It normally takes many months to make a good wine, but how did Jesus turn water into wine in an instant?


Clue:2 – John 6 : 5-13
Fed 5000 people with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes

Jesus Feeds 5000 – John 6 : 5-13 -To read this bible portion, please click on this video

Thousands of people crowded to see Jesus wherever he went.. One such day, Jesus wanted to arrange food for the crowd. But there were only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes with them. It definitely was not enough to feed all the 5000 people who gathered!!! But Jesus gave thanks, broke the bread and fed all the people as much as they needed, with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. Even there were 12 baskets of leftovers!! How did Jesus do this?


Clue:3 – Matthew 14 : 25-27
Walked on water

Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Jesus walked on water!!! The human body normally sinks in water!!! How did Jesus walk on water?


Clue:4 – John 11: 38 – 44  
Raised a Dead man to life

Raising Lazarus- John 11 : 38-44 -To read this bible portion, please click on this video

Lazarus was dead already four days back and was buried when Jesus arrived. But when Jesus called “Lazarus come out” he came out of his tomb alive bound in grave clothes… How can a dead person come back to life? That too after 4 days!!! How did Jesus do it?

Superpower & supreme authority over death!!!

Clue:5 – John 19 & 20
Jesus’s death and Resurrection!!!

There were many other wonders and miracles that Jesus did during his life time – he healed many sick people, gave sight to blind people, freed the demon possessed, raised the dead and so on…

The most important thing he did for all of us is –

Being perfect without sin, he CHOSE to DIE on the cross for US – He redeemed all of us from the kingdom of darkness to kingdom of light!!

Even the grave could not contain him and death lost its power before him!!! He rose from the dead on the third day!!! He even has authority over death.

He is eternal and in him is LIFE eternal!!!

That is a TRUE superhero!!!

Treasures uncovered


is a perfect superhero!!!

Jesus Christ is still alive!!!! And HE is the SAME yesterday, today and forever!!!

Now we know a super hero who is REAL, who is ALIVE, who is ETERNAL, who has the SUPREME AUTHORITY and who is VICTORIOUS over the powers of darkness!!!

Well then, who should be our real superhero???

YES….. JESUS!!!!

Jesus is our savior, our superhero, our friend and our GOD!!!



Father, we thank you for your love, that you sent your only begotten son to save us. We thank you for Jesus, our savior, our superhero, our friend and our GOD.. We love you Lord and bless your Holy Name!! In Jesus name AMEN!!

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Behavior Evaluation – SCOFF

Have you heard the word “Scoff”? Do you know what it means?

Well… SCOFF means to mock / ridicule/ make fun of / to laugh at

Have you ever been scoffed at?  

How did you feel then?

Especially if it is done by your friends or your family or someone else whom you love!!!!



Now let us ask ourselves – Have we ever scoffed at anyone? Did we ever wonder how that person would have felt?


Let us find what the treasure book has to say about SCOFFING!!!


Genesis 21:8-12

To read this bible portion, please click on the video given below
Ishmael Scoffing

Ishmael was the first born of Abraham. His mother was Hagar, the maidservant of Abraham’s wife Sarah . Ishmael was about 14 years when Isaac – the promised son was born to Abraham and Sarah. Isaac was Ishmael’s half-brother.

Now Abraham threw a great party when Isaac was weaned (to get a child used to food other than its mother’s milk). Looks like Ishmael was not so happy about the whole thing.


But unfortunately for Ishmael,

Sarah – Isaac’s mother saw this and she was upset!! She had Ishmael thrown out of the house along with his mother. Abraham was not happy to do this to his son, but he had no choice and had to send them away.

What Ishmael did, was clearly NOT RIGHT. And apparently, he had to pay a price for his BAD behavior!!

Ishmael lost his ” shelter”, “good and nutritious food”, “safety”, “comfort” and every other good thing his father’s house offered him. Food, water and shelter are among the basic needs for life and he lost all this. As we read the rest of the story in Genesis 21, we see that he almost lost his life because of lack of food and water. And all this happened as a consequence of his SCOFFING!!!

Oh boy… that is indeed VERY BAD!!

Treasures uncovered

SCOFFING is WRONG behavior!!!

All wrong actions / behaviors have BAD CONSEQUENCES

Love & respect each other,
not ridicule or Scoff

The bad consequences of our wrong behavior might not always be as harsh as Ishmael’s, but yes definitely there will be bad consequences. When others mock us, let us forgive them even though it hurts. Let us learn to FORGIVE, LOVE & RESPECT each other, NOT RIDICULE.


Father thank you for making me understand that scoffing is bad behavior. Help me to love and respect others. Help me also to forgive people who hurt me and mock me. In Jesus’ name Amen!

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Handling Emotions – Anger

When was the last time you got angry??? Maybe 2 minutes back when things did not go as you planned! Anger is an emotion that we have…

We cannot live without being angry…undefined

However, it could be “very dangerous” if not dealt properly… Let us see what we can find from the treasure book!!!


Clue 1 Example of Cain & Abel

Genesis 4:1-8

you can read the story by clicking the video given below

Here we see the story of two brothers, Cain & Abel. Cain is the FIRST born of Adam, in fact the FIRST child born into this world. Abel was his brother. They were part of one family – the FIRST family on earth. But being brothers, what led Cain to murder Abel? – the FIRST murder in the bible…

Well……, that is too many FIRSTS.

We see that Cain was ANGRY because Lord respected Abel and his offering but not the one Cain himself offered. Anger is not good if it lingers. God himself warned Cain but he did not take heed or handled his anger properly. Anger destroys, causes destruction and leads to SIN. For Cain, it destroyed his happiness (his countenance fell) and caused him to take Abel’s life, that is destruction.  It lead him to SIN – murder HIS OWN brother.

SIN ultimately separated him from GOD.

Clue 2

“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.

Ephesians 4:26-27

It clearly states that anger, if not dealt properly, could lead us to sin. It also gives us a tip – do not let your anger linger for long. If it does, it gives place to the devil and could lead us to sin like what happened with Cain.

Treasures uncovered

Sooner you settle your anger,
the better!!!
If not, it could lead you to sin!!!

Anger is a human emotion, but could lead us to sin if not dealt properly. Handle your anger properly by not letting it to linger for long (before the sun goes down). It is better to settle it then and there – the sooner you settle it, the better it is for you!!! Before you sleep you should settle your anger. Do not carry it to the next day!!! After all Jesus taught us to forgive and forget!!!


Father we thank you for enlightening us, please help us to deal with our anger in the correct manner. Help us to settle it soon and not let it linger for long, in Jesus’ name Amen!!

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Very often we stand in front of the mirror and admire ourselves… We all love to do that!!!!

Some days we feel very charming & beautiful and some other days we are not happy with our looks…

There are even some other days when our friends, parents, siblings or dear ones comment negatively on our looks or even on our personality. And I am sure few of those comments would have made us wonder

“Am I really like that?”

Their words influence us and most of the time affects our confidence.

Hey… Have we passed such negative comments on others? Uhmmm… maybe not always directly…. many times behind their back

Oh My.. she is very dark !!!

he is a shorty…. he is a fatso….

I have not seen such an ugly face!!!!

blah.. blahh.. blahhhh….”

Do you think this is right?

In our defense we will say

“Everyone does it…. so why not me”?

Everyone does it” doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. We should always do what is right.

Let us explore and find the right thing!!


CLUE 1Genesis 1:27

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Sometimes we say or we hear others say “He is a spitting image of his father or she looks exactly like her mother and so on. Here the bible says, God created humans in “HIS OWN” image and created them as man and woman. This means we are the spitting image of our Father, GOD Himself – and this applies to both man and woman.

CLUE 2Psalms 139:13-14

“For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and 
wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

God formed us inside our mother’s womb. We are made fearfully and wonderfully. Each of us are a handiwork of God – HIS Creative Masterpiece.

Treasures uncovered


If we think we are “not good enough” or we are ugly, then we are doubting God and his wonderful creativity.

If we pass negative comments about others appearance, we are insulting God’s creativity and God, the creator Himself


Father, thank you for creating me so wonderfully and in your own image. Thank you for revealing to me that i am special and unique…. Please forgive me for my bad attitude. Help me also to remember that all people around me are created in your image. Amen!!